Budget Mehendi Ideas

Budget Mehendi Ideas – Usually, people use real flowers for decoration, but if you want to keep the function of mehndi within the budget, then you should use more fake flowers and reduce the use of real flowers. With this, you can reduce your expenses. Because fake flowers are available on less budget than real flowers. If you want, you can use both types of flowers to decorate something different.

Budget Mehendi Ideas
Budget Mehendi Ideas

The seating arrangements should also be different

Mehndi ceremony is one such function that needs a comfortable space. Getting and applying Mehndi is not an easy task. For this, it is not necessary that only sofas or chairs are needed. If you want, you can arrange for sitting by placing a mattress on the ground and keeping some cushions on it. Even if chairs are needed, then instead of renting them, use the chair of the dining table of the house and the furniture of the house, sofa, etc. Trust me, this will enhance the beauty of the function.

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Also, create a viewpoint: Budget Mehendi Ideas

Budget Mehendi Ideas – At the place where you are doing the mehndi function, choose a corner where you can use something from the house to make that place the life of the whole function. For example, if you have a bicycle, then park it there and decorate it with some flower pots and plants. Or put a big flower pot in that corner and make decorations like Diwali around it.

Light some lamps or make a small design around it with rangoli, you can also decorate small wooden baskets by hanging, if you want, decorate that corner by using colorful fringes, or any colorful umbrella You can also decorate that place by keeping it. It would be so nice if people would do photography there too.

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focus on mehndi design: Budget Mehendi Ideas

Budget Mehendi Ideas – One of the famous designs of mehndi is the design of the bride and groom or doli. But know that these designs are quite heavy and a lot of fine work is done. When the work is unique, then the money for this work will also be more. That is why if you want to have such a design, then decide the rate in advance.

Apart from this, floral and Ambiya mehndi designs are also very much liked. Make a heart in the middle of the hand and get the date of your wedding written on it as well as the name of the bride and groom. This is also a good design and the work will be done for the money too. Well, Mehndi people have booklets, you can choose any design from them according to your budget and choice.

Smart Ways to Save Money in Mehndi Functions

  • Now you are inviting so many people to the function, so have thought what will be the arrangements for food and drink. If you will get the catering done from outside, then many times they take it according to the plate which can cost you dearly. That’s why it would be better if you get a confectioner who cooks for you. Those two people also make food for 40 -50 people comfortably. Can call more people than this. The advantage of this will be that if 10 people eat extra in that meal, it will not be less and if you make food yourself at home, then it will be very cheap too. You can decide if you want, you can talk to someone to bring the food prepared from their home. You can keep the snacks ready or you can make them from confectionery. Once you talk, this idea will be cheap. The food menu should also be according to the budget, it is not necessary to take only those vegetables or cheeses which are expensive.
  • Keep your Mehndi function in the day or afternoon so that you do not have to arrange lighting etc. at night.
  • Fix the photographer on an hourly basis so that he can come in the middle of the mehndi and make all the photos. If you want, you can also apply the duty of any of your family members who are fond of photography.
  • Dress or jewelry for the function can also be taken on rent.

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