DSP Full Form & SSP Full Form

DSP Full Form & SSP Full Form – DSP SSP Full Form: You must have heard the words DSP and SSP many times. Do you know what is the meaning of DSP SSP? If not, we will tell you in this post. Along with this, all other necessary information related to this will also be given. First, let’s start with DSP & SSP Full Form. So for your information, let us tell you that DSP & SSP Full Form is – Deputy Superintendent of Police. And the full form of SSP is – Senior Superintendent of Police.

DSP Full Form & SSP Full Form

DSP / SSP full form

After knowing DSP & SSP Full Form, we can understand that it is one of the high posts of the country. Both these posts are very respectable and they are mainly related to the police service. Please note that this is a govt job. Which most of today’s youth dream of getting. Not only this, every year many youths give various examinations related to this to get into these posts.

For your information, let us tell you that both these posts (DSP, SSP) come under the police area. Out of these two posts, the rank of the post of DSP comes below that of SP. Therefore, no direct recruitment of any kind is conducted for the post of SSP and no examination of any kind is conducted. To fill these posts, the SP is filled through promotion from the post of SP.

What does DSP full form?

DSP is a post in the Police Service. On which the person sitting works according to the orders given by the SP. On the other hand, if the SP is absent due to any reason, then the DSP has to fulfill his full responsibility. Those who hold the post of DSP, they are considered as state-level officers. All these officers (DSPs) have three stars on their shoulders. Please note that there are only 3 stars on the shoulders of a police inspector but there is a difference between these 2. For information, let us tell you that red and black stripes can also be seen under the 3 stars on the shoulders of the inspectors. You can see only three stars on the shoulders of the person holding the same DSP post.

The officer holding the post of DSP is given a good salary and many allowances. Let us tell you that a DSP gets salary in the pay band 9300-34800 with grade pay 5400.

These are the physical qualifications to become a DSP

If you also want to become a DSP then you have to fulfill these physical eligibility conditions. The body height of the male candidates should be 168 cm. Whereas his chest should be 84 cm. For women, their height i.e. physical height should be 155 cm. Please note that the height of the candidate may vary or is determined from state to state.

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What does SSP full form?

Senior Superintendent of Police is a post of Senior Superintendent of Police. These are the officers of the Indian Police Service who mainly work to maintain law and order in their district properly and in a better way. These officers have full authority to prevent and deal with all types of criminal activities in their districts. Along with this, the district also has full authority to take decisions on related issues. For information, let us tell you that there is a police commissionerate system in metropolitan areas (such as Delhi Police, Hyderabad Police, and Mumbai Police). Where the head of the district police is called the DCP. And he is given the post of superintendent. These Senior Superintendents of Police have two stars on their uniform and the national emblem is also on top of the stars.

How to become DSP and SSP?

If you also dream of becoming a DSP and SSP, then you have to appear for this exam to be conducted by UPSC. However, keep in mind that you do not have to give any direct exam to become an SSP. Rather, this post is filled through promotion. You have to start with the post of DSP. But before that, you have to clear the UPSC exam.

Qualification to become DSP: Candidate must be at least Graduation. Although the candidates who are in their final year of graduation can also participate in this exam but it is mandatory to produce the pass mark sheet at the time of document verification.


What is the full form of DSP?

DSP full form is Deputy Superintendent of Police.

What is the full form of SSP?

Senior Superintendent of Police.

What do I have to do to become a DSP and SSP?

If you also want to become a DSP or SSP then you have to appear in the exam conducted by UPSC. After which after your selection, you will be recruited to these posts according to the merit.

What to do to become SSP?

Please note that there is no direct recruitment to the posts of SSP. Recruitment to these posts is done through promotion. For this, through the promotion of officers holding the posts of DSP, the posts of SSP are filled.

Through this article, we have told you about the full form of DSP SSP. Along with this other necessary information has also been given. If you have any query regarding this then you can ask through the comment box given below.

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