How To Check Old Land Record Online

How to see the old land record: If you want to see the oldest document of the land, then definitely read this post completely. While buying and selling land, it is very important to know the name of the owner of the land. Earlier, when we needed land papers and registry related documents, we used to go to the revenue department and submit the application in the prescribed format. Only after that, we could get the land paper. But now the land record has been made online so that you can see it sitting at home.

How To Check Old Land Record Online

Today most of the facilities are available online under Digital India. In this, the land records have also been included. Revenue department of all states has provided official web portal where land records can be checked online. But most of the people are not able to take advantage of it due to a lack of knowledge about it. But after reading this post, you can get the land document very easily. So let’s know how to see the old land records?

How to check old land record online

To check the old land record, you have to open the official website of the Revenue Department of your state. Let us first tell you the information about checking land records in a state Bihar. After that all other states will also be told. So let’s get started.

Step-1 Go to the website to view land records

The Revenue Department of Bihar State has provided the official website to see the land records, whose web address is – You can open this web address from your mobile or computer. To go direct to this website, we are also giving the link here – click here

Step-2 Select the View Registered Document option

As soon as the official website of Bhoomi Information Bihar opens, you will see different options on the screen. In this, the option of View Registered Document will appear in Bhumi Jankari Services. Select this option to see the old land record.

Step-3 Select the time of record – Old Land Record

In the next step, the option to search the land document will come. Here you have to select which time record you want to see. As if –

  • Online Registration (2016 To Till Date)
  • Post Computerization (2006 To 2015)
  • Pre Computerization (Before 2005)

You will see these three options in the screen. This is an option to see all the new and old records. You select one of these options. For example, if we want to check the record before 2005, then we will select the Pre Computerization (Before 2005) option. After that select Phase1 or Phase2.

Step-4 Select Search Option

To see the old land record, select the option given in the search box. In this, you can see the property record by the option given in the search box according to the set criteria. like –

  • Registration Office
  • Property Location
  • Circle

You can see the old record of your circle through this option. Apart from this, you will also be able to search by selecting other options.

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Step-5 Select the Click Here to View Details option

After searching by selecting the details in the search box, the book type will appear. You can also see the number of records found in it. To view this record, select the Click Here to View Details option.

Step-6 View Old Land Records

In the next step, you will see the list of all the records and the name of the party. In this, select the option of View Details below the land whose old record you want to see.

Step-7 Check Deed Details – Old Land Record

As soon as you select the View Details option, the old document of that land i.e. deed details will open on the screen. In this you can check the complete information related to the land.

How to View Old Land Record by State

Above we have told the information to see the old documents and records of the land in the state of Bihar. Similarly other states have also provided the official website to check land records. Where you can get information and papers related to land. Below we have given the state name and the link to check the land record. Select the link given in front of the state from which you belong.

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