How To Measure Land With Mobile

How To Measure Land With Mobile – In today’s post, we will tell you how to measure the land or field with your mobile? In this post, we will tell you all the things about how to measure land. The problem for farmers is that whenever they are given a figure, it is in acres and while their field is Bigha, Biswa, Qila Katha, it is in figures. The size of the land is small and big, then we do not know how many plants will be planted in our land and how much will it cost.

How To Measure Land With Mobile

The measure of our acre at this place is the same everywhere in the whole world including India. The amount of acre in India is the same in every country and the number of states is the same in all the places. So it becomes necessary for the farmers to know that their land is in Bigha, Biswa, Qila, how many acres they are in and according to that they can plan that how much will be their cost to get which crop and how many plants will be planted in them. So let us tell you the simplest way to measure land or farm here.

How to measure farm or land with your mobile

To take the measurement of the ground on your mobile phone, an Android app will have to be installed in it. After this, take a mobile in your hand and take a round of your field, then your mobile will tell you how many acres your farm is. Whatever happens in this whole figure is absolutely accurate. This measurement is for your crop. But you cannot use this measurement officially. That is, it cannot be accepted for official measurement. Keep this in mind.

1 Step: Download the Application

First of all, you have to download the application on your mobile named Geo Area GPS Area Calculator. You can download this app by clicking here. Before using this app, you should set it up and only then you start measuring.

2 Step: Open the App – How To Measure Land With Mobile

After downloading the app, open it. You should note that when you are using this app then GPS should always be on in your mobile and your internet speed should be good so that this app can work well.

3 Step: Click on the field measure option

Before starting to measure with the Geo Area app, its setting has to be done. For this, open the app and click on the field measure option and here you go and click on the area unit which is there. After that select Acres (AC) and nothing has to be done.

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4 Step: Use the GPS option – How To Measure Land With Mobile

After setting, we come back by clicking on the back icon. Now a triangular like icon is visible, here we have to click and select the Use the GPS option and when you select it, your app once again relocates your location And after that, you will click on the plus (+) sign and you can start measuring the land.

5 Step: Stand where you want to start

To measure the ground, first, stand where you want to start. Now we have to click on the plus (+) sign. After this, we start walking around the farm which is ours. One thing to keep in mind here is that wherever you have to turn, it will click on the plus (+) sign that remains. In this way, from where you started walking, you will come and stop at the same place.

6 Step: Walking around and stopping

After walking around and stopping, the area of ​​the land will be selected. In this, you can check the actual measurement of the land in acres in the Geo Area GPS Area Calculator app. It will show how many acres your land is in total.

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