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Jharkhand Bhulekh 2022: Here we will tell you how to check and download Bhulekh Jharkhand your account? Revenue Department has made its account Bhulekh Khatauni Khatian Register 2 available online at jharbhoomi nic in. Now any person will be able to get the Bhulekh details of his farm or land sitting at home.

Jharkhand Bhulekh

Jharkhand government has prepared a website portal giving relief to the farmers of its state. But most of our residents of Jharkhand are not able to take advantage of it due to a lack of information about how to get land records from this web portal. That’s why we are telling here step by step in easy language that how to check Bhulekh on the Jharbhoomi web portal?

For all Jharkhand residents, their land documents whether it is Bhulekh or Khasra Jamabandi are all very important. But when a Jharkhand resident needs his land papers, he has to make rounds of the office of the Patwari Accountant of his district to get them. Where his work is not done on time and both time and money are also lost.

But now the Jharkhand government has started a portal system related to land keeping this problem of the citizens of its state in mind. With the help of which now anyone can get jharkhand bhulekh khatauni online. So let’s know.

List of Districts of Jharkhand whose Bhulekh is available online –

  • Garhwa
  • Simdega
  • Palamu
  • Ranchi
  • Latehar
  • Khunti
  • Chatra
  • West Singhbhum
  • Hazaribagh
  • Saraikela Kharsawan
  • Koderma
  • East Singhbhum
  • Giridih
  • Jamtara
  • Ramgarh
  • Deoghar
  • Bokaro
  • Dumka
  • Dhanbad
  • Pakur
  • Gumla
  • godda
  • Lohardaga
  • Sahebganj

Bhulekh Jharkhand how to check and download your account online

Jharkhand Bhulekh Jamabandi is a very important part of the land. In which all the details of the land of any person are recorded. Which you can watch online whenever you want. For this, the Jharkhand government has launched the portal website named jharbhoomi.nic. Here you can see the land details online like –

  • Record your account rights.
  • Khatian.
  • register 2
  • Other JH Land Records

Complete information about how to see all this information online is given below step by step. So read all the steps carefully for your better information. So that you will not face any problem in getting the land record. #So let’s start with step 1.

Step-1 Open jharbhoomi nic on the website

First of all, you have to open the official website of the Revenue Registration and Land Reforms Department, Jharkhand. Here we have given its link so that you will be able to go to the direct website – Land Record, Jharkhand

Step-2 Select the View Your Account option

As soon as the official website of Jharkhand is opened, different options will appear to check the land records. To check Bhulekh details, select the option View your account on the left side.

Step-3 Select your district in the District Map

After this, the map of Jharkhand will appear. There will be a map of all the districts in it. Select the district for which you want to check the land records. Like we selected Ranchi, the home district of great cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Step-4 Select your zone in the map: Jharkhand Bhulekh

After selecting the district, the list of all the zones coming under it will come. In this, select the zone whose account you want to check Khatauni.

Step-5 Select your Mauza’s name: Jharkhand Bhulekh

Now in the next step first select the lighter number. Then select the type of land. After this, select your Mauja in the list of Mauja. As mentioned in the screenshot.

Step-6 Select option to check Bhulekh

After this, different options will appear to check the Jharkhand Bhulekh account. Among these are –

  • View all accounts of Mauja by name.
  • #View all Mauja accounts by Khesra number.
  • View by account number.
  • Look up the name of the ACt holder.

Through these four options, you can check your account. Let’s see all the accounts of Mauja from these, select the option by name and click on the search account option. After this, the account details will appear on the screen. Select the View option here.

Step-7 Check Copy of Record of Rights

After this, in a new window, the rights record details of the account you have selected will open on the screen. Here you can check all the information related to your land.

Step-8 Download Bhulekh Nakal

You can easily download or print a copy of your Account Rights Record. For this, select the Print icon in the top right side. As shown in the screenshot.

Similarly, you can also check your account through other options. For this, select any option from the given option –

  • View all Mauja accounts by Khesra number.
  • #View by account number.
  • Look up the name of the AC holder.

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Jharkhand Bhulekh Khatian Account and Register 2 How to check and download?

Jharkhand Bhulekh
Jharkhand Bhulekh

Step 1: Select the option View Account and Register 2

First of all, open the official website jharbhoomi.nic.in of Revenue and Land Reforms Department, Jharkhand. After this, on the left side, select the option View Account and Register 2.

Step 2: Check Khatian by account number

After that select Khatian in the select option. Then select your district, zone, light, mouja, account number, variety of land details. After selecting all the details, select the Khatian option. Khatian details of your land will open on the screen.

Step 3: View Register 2 by account number

For this, select Register 2 in the Select option. Then in the same way select your district, zone, light, mauja, account number, variety of land details. After selecting all the details, the register 2 option has to be selected.

In this way very easily Jharkhand Bhulekh can check your Khatauni Khatian Register 2 online. All the facilities related to land records are available on the official website of jharbhomi. Bhulekh Jharkhand If you want to check your account or you want to know more information or web portal related to your land, then you can contact on Jharkhand Bhulekh Apna Khata helpline number –

  • Contact No. 910651, 2401716
  • Email dolrj@gmail.com

FAQs – Jharkhand Bhulekh

What is the official website of Jharbhoomi?

The official website of Revenue Registration and Land Reforms Department, Jharkhand is – jharbhoomi.nic.in Here you can check your Khata Khatian Register 2 online of your farm plot or land.

Jharkhand How to check your account online?

To check your account, you have to open the jharbhoomi web portal. Then select the View your account option. Then select your district, zone, Mauja, and select the account number. In this way, you can get your account online very easily.

How to get Jharkhand Bhulekh Register 2 online?

To get Register 2, go to the jharbhoomi web portal and select the option View Account and Register 2. Then you can tap on the record by selecting Khatian or Register 2 option.

How to know your the account or khasra number?

If you do not know the account or khasra number of your land, then you can remove the rights record in your name also. For this, in the given search option, select the option to see the name of the account holder.

Where to contact for your account record-related issue?

If there is a problem related to your land or there is any error in the record, then contact the given helpline number or the concerned circle officer.

Information about downloading and checking Jharkhand Bhulekh online is useful for all our residents of Jharkhand. So share this information with them through WhatsApp or Facebook. So that they can also get some help in getting records of rights. Thank you!

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