What is Bhu Abhilekh? How to View Land Records Online

What is Bhu Abhilekh and how to see the land records of all the states of India online, you will get complete information here? Under Digital India, the land record of the farmland, the land map, the land record has been made available online. The revenue department of each state has provided an online web portal. Where any person can check the documents related to his land and can also download or print them. But most of the people are not able to take advantage of this facility due to a lack of knowledge. That’s why we have told in this post in a simple way how to check land records online?

What is Bhu Abhilekh

Earlier, when there was a need for copying of land records such as land map, Khasra Khatian, etc. Then the revenue office had to be made rounds. For this, the application had to be made in the prescribed format, then only bhu abhilekh copy could be found. Due to this arrangement not only time was wasted, but money was also wasted unnecessarily. To overcome this problem, the Revenue Department has started the facility of land records web portal. So let us first know what is this Bhu Abhilekh?

What is Bhu Abhilekh?

Land records can be divided into two parts. Land and Records. Here Bhoo means land or land and the article of any particular importance or purpose is called inscription. In this way, a government document related to land can be called a land record. It is called by many names in different states. Such as – Land Record, Khasra Khatian, Fard Jamabandi, Land Detail, Land Map, Lucha Patta, Land Records, etc.

Just as land records are called by different names in different states. Similarly, each state has its own different official website. Like – the abhilekh cg, up, mp, Bihar, Haryana, hp, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Uttarakhand along with country to check land records of other states online. You have to go to the official bhu abhilekh website of your state. Here we are giving complete information about how to see the online land records of all the states of India in a simple way.

How to View Online Land Records (Bhu Abhilekh)?

Below we have given the name of all the states and the link to check the land records in front of them to check and download the land records online. First of all, search the name of your state in this table. After getting the name of the state, select the land record or land map given in front of it.

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How to get land records from the revenue department?

There are still some states which have not made land records available online. Along with this, the land records of some tehsils or districts of any state have not been made online. Residents of such places can visit the revenue department’s office to get the land records of their farmland. Steps are given below for how to extract land records from Revenue Department –

  • First of all, go to the office of the Revenue Department of your Tehsil or Block or District.
  • Prepare an application for the field or land for which you want land records.
  • In the application, give your name and full details of the land for which the abhilekh copy is desired.
  • After the application is ready, submit it to the concerned officer/employee of the office.
  • After submitting your application, you will be given a copy of the land record within the time limit fixed by the department.

Summary: What is Bhu Abhilekh and how to check and download land records online, its complete information is given here in simple language. Now residents of all states will be able to get government documents related to their farm or land online sitting at home. If you face any kind of problem in this or you have any questions related to land records, then you can ask us in the comment box below.

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